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Privacy Policy


Dear User, With reference to the personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") provided by you in this Web page, in accordance with article 24 of the Italian law "D.Lgs. 196/03" (hereinafter referred to as "privacy law"), we are herewith informing you of the following:

  1. Your data shall be processed by the company Officine R.M. srl for purposes related to Officine R.M. srl activity, including data filing and processing, and customer service. In particular, it shall be used to fulfil civil and tax law requirements, and for accountancy purposes.

  2. The data you have provided shall be processed in a computerised and/or manual way.

  3. The provision of your data is obligatory.

  4. In case you refused to provide your data, Officine R.M. srl would not be able to accept any order from you. Your registration may only be completed successfully if all fields marked by an asterisk are filled in.

  5. Your data have been acquired through a request completed by Officine R.M. srl, or it may be communicated outside Officine R.M. srl:
    a) to companies that are connected to, controlled by or affiliated to Officine R.M. srl;
    b) to companies completing market research on behalf of the above-mentioned parties;  
    c) Couriers in charge of the delivery of the products purchased on the Website;      
    d) Banks and companies that manage online payments of the products purchased on the Website;  
    e) Consultants in charge of the setting up, managing, and update of the hardware and software of the Website or the Data Controllers' hardware and software for the provisions of the services outlined above;      
    f) Public or private entities, individuals or legal entities, (e.g. lawyers, chartered accountants, tax consultants, Clerks of Courts; Chambers of Commerce etc.) if the data communication results necessary or appropriate to the correct accomplishment of the contractual obligations undertaken, as well as of legal obligations. 

  6. Any users is entitled to exercise their rights as per art. of the Italian law "D.Lgs. 196/03" on the knowledge of the processing of their own personal data, or its deletion, updating, modification, integration, and anything else envisioned by the same article.

  7. Holder of the data are the companies Officine R.M. srl. To the holders you may apply to exercise your rights envisioned by art. 7 of the Italian Law "D.Lgs. 196/03", mentioned in section 6 of this letter.

  8. The person in charge of processing your data, according to article 7, of Italian law D. Lgs. 196 del 2003, is Luca Torletti at Officine R.M. srl. The complete list of data processing responsibles is available at the company's headquarters of Officine R.M. srl.